Office Manager



ZEROCOPY is a rebel with a cause: making (higher) education affordable for all students!

They rebel against expensive education that creates social and financial inequalities.

They rebel against advertising budgets spent without having social impact.

They believe education is the most important investment in our future and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of socio-economic background. So they decided to turn advertising budgets into free educational services for students. So all students have access to quality education.


You're a real Swiss army knife! Together with the CEO you'll form a strong 1+1=3 team at the heart of the company.

You have:

  • a can-do-attitude
  • excellent communication and organization skills
  • a way of working with modern technology
  • a perfect understanding of English (otherwise you can't read this) with Dutch and/or French as a plus
  • good and positive energy
  • a wish to work in a vibrant and motivating team
  • motivational skills and are not afraid to work close for both clients and with the internal team


You'll deliver 360 support to the Zerocopy team by handling:

General management:

  • Inbox management
  • Preparing meetings and taking care of the follow-up
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Keeping all dashboards up to date

Finance & admin:

  • Paying invoices
  • Preparing quarterly accounting
  • Sending invoices & monitoring payments

Human Resources:

  • Managing our vacancies on all platforms
  • Guiding applicants through the application process
  • Payroll and operational HR work

Sales (in futher development of the role)

  • Preparing budgets & reports
  • Making proposals and contracts (in collab with your colleagues)
  • Making fact sheets and putting campaigns live

Join this positive revolution and benefit from:

  • a vibrant environment
  • great team spirit
  • being at the heart of the company and get all the insights
  • lots of diverse tasks